Past productions

What yew bin doin?

A life-affirming one-woman show celebrating the true stories of Norfolk’s older generation. Featuring recorded audio, live theatre, puppetry and more.

Developed through a series of interviews and community workshops held over a period of 18 months; and featuring stories of love, loss and Ron’s prize marrow! It is a rare archive of the everyday experiences of Norfolk’s older generation.

Performer/ Co-creator Katie-anna Whiting

Director/ Co-creator Daniel Burgess

Designer/ Co-creator Fern Blevins

Sound Designer Mark Fawcett

Producer Zannie Fraser

Puppetry Director Paul Preston Mills


A journey of self-acceptance for a ‘normal for Norfolk gal’, where suitcases dance and pigeon’s talk!

Expect the unexpected…and some familiar soundin’ ol’ Norfolk folk.

Performer Katie-anna Whiting

Director Daniel Burgess

Designer Fern Blevins

Dramaturg Robin McLoughlin

Puppetry inspired by ‘object manipulation puppetry’ workshops with Rene Baker

Audio/ online content

Pigeon’s Eye View, 2020

We were commissioned by The Garage, Norwich to create an online comedy skit for their ‘Lockdown Lounge’ series in 2020. Mr Pigeon made another appearance in ‘Pigeon’s Eye View’, alongside a one-off performance of that well-known Edgar Allan Poe poem ‘The…Pigeon’

Performer Katie-anna Whiting

Designer Fern Blevins

Commissioned by The Garage, Norwich

Those orn us you p’raps can’t see, 2021

We were commissioned by Norwich Fringe in March 2021 to interview people aged 70+ in rural areas of Norfolk. This is a selection of their stories; from 60’s communes, to local jokes, neighbour’s knickers and eye operations…the result is a snapshot of rural Norfolk through the lens of its older residents. This became the foundation on which the show ‘Voices of Norfolk’ was created.

Created by Katie-anna Whiting

Commissioned by Norwich Fringe

Lockdown Mums, 2021

We interviewed a selection of ‘lockdown mums’ at Spunglass Theatre’s ‘First’s’ mother and baby groups in Brighton, St.Leonards and Bedford. The interviews were used to create an audio installation as part of a sharing of artist-led workshops with parents and carers. The above is a short clip from one of our groups…

Created by Katie-anna Whiting

Commissioned by Spunglass Theatre