I thought your workshops were excellent; it challenged the students’ perception of imaginative possibilities, clearly established professional puppetry techniques and gave them activities to apply and explore narrative with various unusual ‘found objects’

Tutor, Paston College

We provide workshops for schools and communities, including:

  • Object manipulation– learning the Principles of Puppetry through play with everyday, found objects- can be adapted to your needs and suitable for all ages/ Key Stages

Above: Object manipulation workshop- Paston College

I found Katie’s dedication and passion very inspiring and it pushed me to use my imagination more than usual in order to see life beyond humans and animals

Student, Paston College

  • Story sharing– sharing the stories of your life in relaxed, welcoming sessions with your peers- Ages 70+
An original composition by Old Buckenham Village Hall’s ‘Tuesday Tales’ group, 2022

When you are on your own and someone invites you to talk about yourself it becomes strangely addictive and when they say you can do it again the next week too….! Over 70 years of ‘life memories’ and 49 in Norfolk

Allison, ‘Tuesday Tales’ participant
  • Play and Stay– (Mothers/ fathers/ carers and babies) reconnect with your playful side, breathing life into everyday, household objects. See baby’s eyes light up as they realise the potential of a household sock or piece of toilet roll! Stay around for tea and chat with fellow carers; we provide a friendly, welcoming space where all experiences of parenthood are truly listened to. Previous workshops held in partnership with
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St Leonard’s ‘First’s’ with Spunglass Theatre

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